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The O’Connor Companies


The O’Connor Companies have been a trusted resource for clients since our founding in 1904. Our group of companies each provide unparalleled expertise, an unrivaled workforce, and exceptional attention to safety. Each company is well known for its reliability, productivity, and cost-efficiency for the installation and maintenance of complex mechanical equipment and piping systems for our clients’ mission-critical facilities.

O’Connor Corporation

O’Connor Corporation proficiently executes complex mechanical maintenance and installation projects for a variety of industries across the United States.

Beacon Piping Company

Beacon Piping provides expert project management and construction services for the installation and maintenance of complex piping systems and equipment across multiple industries.

O’Connor Safety Corporation

O’Connor Safety Corporation offers the unique resource of professional safety and rescue services to owners and contractors on or off the jobsite to protect workers, the public, facilities, and equipment from jobsite hazards, which also reduces costs and keep communications flowing.